Here you may access three sub sites as indicated below.

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The first sub site (click on the cross/globe/bible) contains archived information concerning Ohio County Baptist Association. It includes reports from the annual as well as individual church pages, including the digests from the formation of the Association through 2010.

The second subsite (click on “Jesus makes all things new”) features some of my personal and family work (more to come), including the Shelton-Wright family preachers, pictures of Ohio County Churches of all denominations (as of 2008), and will soon include sermons from my grandfather, father, uncle and me.

The third sub site (click on T.E.A.M.) is my current ministry, Thomas Eternal Access Ministries, where you will find tracts to view and order as well as other evangelistic aids. This section will grow as time allows. We have many items to add. If you don’t see something you would like, we may have it, but not yet put it online. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to prepare it for you.

Click on your area of interest. Thanks for stopping by!